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Welcome to!
We have been providing you tech news, reviews and keys to the best deals on technology since 1998.  2011 will be no different.  We already have lots of cool stuff planned, including expanded coverage of the cellular and telecom industry; a series of exclusive interviews that we think you'll enjoy; and even more great deals and technology specials and freebies.
Please let us be your guide to technology in the coming year.

Mark Oberg - Head Weenie

We like a good deal (just like you). As we travel around the Net, we run into all kinds of different things, many of which are misunderstood by the people buying them. Time after time, we see people posting negative comments about perfectly good deals, just because they bought the wrong thing or misunderstand what the item is used for.
So, in the interest of better bargains, we're going to try something new: a page of notes and footnotes to different things we found that just need a little bit of explanation to make sure you know what you're getting and how it is supposed to be used.
Mixed in with the notes may be links and mini-reviews of the items themselves, as well as sources of the best tech bargains on the Net today. Be sure to check the dates, as deals do expire (even when the info about them doesn't) and we will usually keep our notes online after the deal is done, because the info may be useful to future buyers of future deals.
Like satellite DBS television so much that your roof looks like something that belongs at NASA HQ?  We show you how to clean up your act with a simple solution that lets you watch both Dish Network and DirecTV on just one dish.
Site News:
Tech news, reviews and more! is your source for the latest tech news fromCMP, PC World, CNet, Salon, Interactive Week, The Washington Post, Forbes, Financial Times and other news sources.  
You'll also find reviews of freeware, shareware and commercial software here; website reviews; an extensive library of software you can download; discussion forums; and a live chat room.
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You can get a free web site with your own subdomain (, hosting unlimited email accounts and autoresponders.  Get set up in minutes using our WYSIWYG template-driven web site designer or use our HTML editor.  You'll get FTP access or you can upload your files using our file manager.  You can even transfer your site from another host just by clicking a button.  Why have a long, convoluted URL when you can have your own free domain name under  You can even create email accounts under your own domain name and give them to your friends and family.  Add a page counter, email form or guestbook to your site.  You can even get daily statistics on who is visiting your site and where they are coming from. CLICK HERE to try it!
Free software downloads
Because Techweenies tries to be a place where you can make one stop and get all your tech needs fulfilled, we are especially happy to be able to provide a large directory of files for you to download.  We have over 11,000 shareware and freeware programs for you to download.  The main categories are: Business, Email tools, Games, Information Management, Multimedia and Graphics, Network and Internet, Palm Pilot, Programming, Utilities and Web Authoring.  There are sub categories to numerous to list here.  If you are looking for some great software,  I think you will find it here.


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Coming soon:

What's the best all-around smartphone on the market? (No, it isn't the Nexus S, but you're getting warm...)

One of the legends of the consumer electronics industry just introduced a completely new company and product line at CES in January. 

We'll be talking with Sandy Gross about his newest venture, GoldenEar Loudspeakers.  The reaction to these at the Show was nothing short of amazing and I think you will really enjoy the interview. is Copyright 1998-2011 by Mark Oberg - All Rights Reserved